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NextGEN specializes in obtaining short sale approvals from lenders for clients who are under water and delinquent with their payments whether a loan modification was previously requested or not.  


This is a compliant solution that guarantees referral partners will get paid for helping their clients avoid foreclosure, unlike a loan modification.  Homeowners like short sales because they are able to stay in the house longer, pay nothing up front or at the closing, lessens the impact on their credit, reduces tax exposure and can most of the time avoid deficiency judgments from the bank.


Depending on the lender and client's situation the short sale process is currently taking 3 - 6 months.  However, this process is speeding up as lenders grow their short sale departments.  Most lenders view short sales as a superior financial alternative to modifications or foreclosures. 


Please contact our Referral  Department at (877) 647-3911 Ext. 6 if you have any additional questions.

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