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We realize you have many different options to choose from if you’re looking to buy or sell real estate. That is why NextGEN works so diligently to provide our clients with the most professional customer service. Whether you’re a first time home buyer, need to sell your property, or an investor seeking to maximize your profit, NextGEN can assist you with all your commercial and residential buying needs.


Residential Sales - We provide relief

What distinguishes NextGEN from other realtors is our impeccable service. We provide all home sellers with the proper valuation on your home in order to ensure you get the highest offers. Our top marketing team puts together a comprehensive plan for you, communicating with you every step of the way. We provide relief for homeowners facing foreclosure, explain the process and keep you informed every step of the way. Our agents understand the foreclosure process can be stressful and exhausting. We'll guide you through your transaction with compassion.


We also welcome the opportunity to represent you in your home/investment purchase decisions. Our representation of distressed homeowners provides you with direct access to great values. Please call us today to allow us the chance to find you a home of your dreams or investment opportunity.


Commercial Sales - We provide value

Our team excels at commercial real estate sales by properly valuing and marketing your deal. Using the finest analysis tools, we put the time and effort into evaluating the market and cash flow on your property to get you top dollar.


Looking to buy in this market? Our work with distressed property owners means opportunity for you. We welcome you to provide us with your search parameters so that we can keep you informed of properties that fit your defined investment criteria.


Short Sale Approval Experts for your Residential and Commercial needs

A short sale occurs when the property’s value is less than the total loans against the property. Consequently, the sale of the property will not generate enough money to pay off your existing mortgage debt. If this is the case, you have one of three options to cure this problem:


  1. Sell the property and pay the difference out of pocket at the time of closing.
  2. Do nothing and allow the property to go into foreclosure. This is the most unfavorable option due to lasting damage to your credit. Some of our clients facing foreclosure report feeling embarrassment with family and friends.
  3. Sell the property and pursue a short sale approval with your lender. This is the most favorable and recommended option and allows you to begin to improve your credit again.


NextGEN can assist you through the complex navigation of the lender's backlog of cases. We'll ensure your file obtains the proper attention, leading to an expedited approval and closing process. In order to ease your financial worries, we'll make our best effort to find you a satisfied buyer and help you to salvage your credit.


With no out of pocket cost to you and a professional, streamlined process, NextGEN is ready to be your partner.


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